Alert Risk Zone

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The Alert Risk Zone Service is implemented by M.G. Security s.r.l. to determinate an accurate Country Risk evaluation with reference to the “Security” and every aspect of it, such as terrorism, crime, subversive and political facts.

The Alert Risk Zone is able to bridge the information’s gap existing between institutional organs active in some areas and the information produced by the company in-house. That gap does not allow a prior risk assessment, because it is based on retrospectively collected data.

M.G. Security S.r.l.  is expert in the security field and able to offer a wide range of security services.

Choosing us as business partner, you can meet your company’s  security information needs.

The Alert Risk Zone Service is based on a multitasking screening, with focus on specific security targets, which allows a risk assessment in preventive way and adhering to reality.

Specific Targets

  • Jihadist Terrorism
  • Anarchical Terrorism
  • Organized Crime
  • Local Crime
  • Community Aggregation Centres
  • Social Centres
  • Trade Union Formations
  • Political Formations
  • Police and security bodies
  • Integral Islam Aggregation Centres
Alert Risk Zone - M.G. Security S.r.l.

Security Report from 04/09/18 to 04/15/18