Forecasting terrorist attacks in December

The situation for terrorism in December:

Continental Europe (France, Holland, Germany, England, Belgium, the Baltic countries, Russia and the Nordic countries)

The Christmas holidays will be the biggest event of the year for the safety of the cities.

Almost all the jihadist websites are inciting to commit attacks and from the jihad point of view the major cities at risk remain Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Peterburg, Mosca, in particular the airports and the railway stations, the shopping centers and shopping streets, shopping centers, major events and shows.

Attacks in minor cities are not excluded.

Mediterranean basin and West Europe;

Almost all the major Spanish cities remain the main targets of Islamic jihad, as have been the cities of northern Morocco and Algeria for a few months now.

In Tunisia the tension remains high in the areas of the south of the country and on the border with Libya and Algeria while some areas of the city of Tunis are to be taken off limit (Ariana, Menza 7 / 8 ).

Italy, France, Greece and Spain will be affected by the resurgence of the FAI insurrectionary anarchy. In particular, attacks in Greece and Italy are feared.

The days at greatest risk will be from December 22nd to January 6th.