From 04/09 to 04/15


The USA, UK and France air strike carried out on Syrian target in this week, and the provocatory reason about chemical weapons take of by France and UK, uplowed the level of risk in all mediterranean basin. USA and Russia are called to resolv this conflict that probably will envolving in a ONU resolution. Conflict escalation will got conseguence in all middle est, because Russian president Putin he don’t have nothing intention to take off from this area.

Even though USA military H.Q. did informed Russian Army on Syrian target air strike carried out, it seems that for Putin are not enough. President Trump will have to find diplomatic mediation between French and English demands. It seems that Mr. Macron and Mrs. Saturday night, Israely air force destruied military base in north syria that housed iranian soldiers. Air stike carried out more 20 soldiers.

France ed USA may both once again will have intention of intervening militarily both against the Syrian air bases and against the militias armed by the President Assad. However, the political dispute, in order Syrian conflict who saw US and Russia, fighting for IS terrorism, that seemed goes to escalation of the conflict, will be anythings are garbled and the alert should growing in the next days.

Risk Data



Military actions against terrorist groups in Gotha and against ISIS positions are mitigating. Hezbollah militant they are growing military offence in all Gaza strip. Turkey Army are involved in all south east area vs. kurd peshmerga force.



Criminal gangs are still operating in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus. Bands of criminals act on the border with Turkey for kidnapping.



The loss of value of the air attack carried out by the Western coalition has reinforced the political positions of President Assad and if at first it was believed that Assad would give up Syria escorted by his Russian allies, today he is stronger than before. France and the UK are unlikely to succeed making of Assad surrender’s.

Security Alert

Absolutely not advisable to travel to the Syrian territory and to neighboring countries. Along the air corridors approaching the major cities of Syria and Israel, for all civil flights, at this moment the no fly zones are active.

From this Monday, are to up an running the survey military aircraft flights of the American naval fleet and of the Sigonella air bases. Furthermore, naval oparations of the Russian naval fleet are under way on the sea in front of Syria and Cyprus.

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