From 04/15 to 04/22


This week, maximum alert between Greece and Turkey. Intereceptors’ hunting aircraft joined the Greek Prime Minister’s helicopter. The reason for the tensions are the islands of the Eastern Aegean sea, disputed by the Turks but in fact Greek islands. It is not the first time that the Turks and the Greeks are diplomatically colliding on this front.

On the diplomatic front the next week will be crucial to get a firm condemnation from the European community. Apparently Europe does not consider this very important fact and besides the ordinary sentences of condemnation, Europe will not intervene against Turkey.

The Hungarian President Orban, during an interview, expressed his thoughts on the European community and the glogalization, both defining a serious limit to the peaceful coexistence of peoples. In his speech, Orban made it clear that it is necessary to intervene politically to change this state of affairs.

Risk Data



The situation remains unchanged from the previous week. Particular attention on the border between Serbia and Bosnia for the passage of terrorists and weapons.



The situation remains unchanged from the previous week. Albania and Servia remain the areas at greatest risk. With the opening of the summer season, special attention to the tourist cities of the Dalmatian coast. The Slovenian and Croatian Police has identified several groups of Slavs who organize against theft and robbery of tourists.



The situation remains unchanged from the previous week. The Balkan area remains within Europe, the region most at risk for maintaining the danger of political conflicts. Greece and Hungary are undergoing the greatest pressure due to anarchy and nationalism. The size of the phenomenon makes us believe that both problems will be repeated in the short term also in other nations of the central European area.

Security Alert

Terrorism, political conflicts and crime remain endemic factors throughout the Balkan area. The exception is partly Croatia and Slovenia, as well as Bulgaria and Romania. Solitary journeys are strongly discouraged in areas close to the borders of Serbia and the Serbian Danubio area.

With the arrival of summer, the risk areas will be the coastal area of slovenia and croatia. Dubrovnic remains a city at risk of robberies.

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