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How are navigation data processed by M.G.Security S.R.L.

While browsing the website, M.G.Security S.R.L acquires some data, such as the IP address of your computer, the time of access to the site and the pages of the site you are visiting.

This acquisition, which is only used to monitor the proper navigation and operation of the site, has no commercial purpose nor is it intended in any way to identify the user.

These data are recorded in special logs and can only be communicated to the judicial authority.

How cookies are used by M.G.Security S.R.L.

What are cookies and what we do with them Cookies are information that can be saved on your device (computer or smartphone) when browsing the Internet. By means of cookies, the server sends information whenever you return to this site or on all sites owned by M.G.Security S.R.L. to allow you to navigate optimally.
Cookies are used to improve your browsing experience and provide information to the site manager about the use you are doing in order to obtain statistical data, a usage profile, and deliver advertising messages in line with your interests.

Which cookies use M.G.Security S.R.L.

M.G.Security S.R.L. uses different types of cookies.

They are essential to navigate within all of the site’s sites and use all of its features, such as access to the Reserved Area. Without these cookies it would not be possible to provide the required services. These cookies are not used for commercial purposes.

They collect and analyze site visitor information (visited pages, number of visits, time spent on site, etc.) to provide you with better navigation experience. This type of cookie does not collect any kind of information that may somehow identify you. All collected information is anonymous and used only to improve site use. These cookies are not used for commercial purposes.

They allow you to “remember” the choices you have made and personalize the content of the site in order to improve the service rendered to you. All collected information can be anonymous.

This type of cookie is used to customize commercial information according to your interests in order to send advertisements in line with the preferences displayed during navigation. Such cookies store what you have visited on a given website and related information can be shared with other people.

These cookies are set from a site other than what you’re visiting (so-called third-party). They may be cookies of a different nature: strictly necessary or technical, performance or performance, feature and advertising or profiling.

All MGSECURITY sites work optimally if cookies are enabled.
However, you may decide not to accept it on your device (computer or smartphone). To do so, access the “Preferences” of your browser.

For information on how to change cookie settings, select the browser you are using below:

• Chrome
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Safari

If you are browsing from your smartphone, select the operating system you are using:

• Android
• Windows Phone

Default Browser: Internet
1. Start the Web Browser
2. Once the browser is started, press the Menu button on your phone
3. Select the “Settings” option
4. Select the item “Content Settings”
5. Scroll through the list by searching for “Accept cookies” and uncheck the check box.

1. Launch your Chrome browser
2. Press the Menu button on your phone
3. Select the “Settings” option
4. Select the “Site Settings”
5. Move the switch to ‘Accept Cookies’ in the position 0. For third-party cookies, deselect the check box on ‘Allow Third Party Cookies’

1. Open Firefox for Android.
2. Tap the menu button (located at the bottom of the screen or in the top right corner).
3. Tap Settings (you may need to touch the Other item first)
4. Tap Privacy.
5. Tap Cookies and select the “Deactivated” setting that prevents all types of cookies from being stored on your device.

IOS Safari:
1. Enter the Control Panel of the “Settings”
2. Select the “Safari” item
3. In the “Privacy and Security” section, select “Block Cookies”
4. In the next menu, choose “Always”

IOS Chrome:
1. Open the Chrome menu
2. Select “Settings”
3. In the “Advanced” section, select “Content Settings”
4. Move the switch to ‘Accept Cookies’ on the 0 position.

Windows Phone:
To set which Internet Explorer cookies must accept
1. In Internet Explorer, tap More> “Settings”, and then tap “Advanced Settings”.
You can also access Internet Explorer settings from Settings in the app list.
2. In Web site cookies, select:
or Block some – Locks third-party cookies.
or Block all – Allows you to block all cookies.

We remind you that if you turn off cookies, you may disable some features of the site. Even with all cookies disabled, your browser will continue to store a small amount of information needed for the basic functionality of the site.