Burkina Faso Islamic extremists, 7 soldiers killed in attacks on French Embassy and army HQ

Attackers in Burkina Faso’s capital killed eight people and wounded dozens more in a coordinated assault on the army headquarters and French embassy that France’s foreign minister said was likely carried out by“terrorist groups”.

West Africa’s arid Sahel region is suffering a spike in violence by militant groups, some with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State, that is drawing an increasingly aggressive response from countries including France and the United States.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which is the third major assault on Ouagadougou in just over two years. Previous attacks were conducted by allies of al Qaeda in reprisal for Burkina Faso’s participation in a regional fight against Islamist militants.

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Tunisian forces kill top aide of Al Qaeda leader in Maghreb

Tunisian security forces have killed a top aide of Abu Musab Abdul Wadud, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an official source told on Saturday.

Tunisia has been on high alert since 2015, when Daesh gunmen killed dozens of foreign tourists in a museum in the capital, Tunis, and on a beach in the resort city of Sousse.

Algerian Bilel Kobi was “the right arm of Abou Wadoud” and was killed in an ambush near the Algerian border when on a mission to reorganise AQIM’s Tunisian branch following strikes by Tunisian forces against it.

Al Qaeda figures killed in joint operations with coalition forces

The Afghan intelligence agency says scores of al Qaeda figures have been killed in joint operations with coalition forces.

The intelligence agncy said in a statement on Tuesday that about 80 members of the terror network were killed and 27 others arrested, five al Qaeda bases were destroyed.

The statement made no mention of when the operations took place.

The common front of Terrorism

The fronts of the Jihadist war have long been clearly defined and clear.

Al Qaeda on one side with organized attacks and carefully studied,  I.S. with seemingly random attac committed by people who are not technically prepared on the other side.

Direct attacks (Twin Towers, Zaventem Airport) tend to involve heavily the main ​​the terrorist groups. The operational designers have at their disposal a wider range of resources as well as professional training and aspirations that naturally guide their planning to high profile attacks involving highly specialized staff.

Large cities tend to provide a multiplicity of goals for this kind of operations.

In recent years, however, the material performers of the attacks act according to a different pattern.

Attackers and designers are often made by theirself, with limited resources and limited information on the vertices of terrorist organizations, and their first attack is often also the last.

In addition, they tend to have a much more localized view on targeting, instead of considering a multiplicity of goals and selecting those that would maximize the effect, they base decisions on those that are most familiar within.

Objectives that a structurated Terrorist Group could never have considered worthy of an attack, suddenly become interested.
This approach is immediately supported by terrorist group through messages which claim the responsability for the attacks.
The number of IS terrorist attacks outside the war zones ranged from one every 21 days until 2014, to an attack every 10 days in 2015 and every 8 days starting on December 2016.

As a result, the threat of serious attacks in the city has increased, but only 43% of them can be charged to the IS and the remaining can be charged to other forms of terrorism such as anarchy and nationalism.

It is impossible to predict exactly where terrorists will hit in the future, there is no way to know where the future attacks will be.

For the first time in the history of jihadist terrorism, attacks are carried out without geographical limitations.


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12 police officers killed in Ayorou

12 police officers were killed after a shooting in the city of Ayorou, next to the border with Mali. An unknown number of police officers were also injured.


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