Attacker shot dead after ‘knife assault’ at Iran ambassador’s house in Austria

A KNIFE attack on soldiers at the residence of the Iranian ambassador in Vienna, Austria has led to one man being shot dead and another hospitalised.

A man is believed to have assaulted the guards before being killed.

The 26-year-old with the knife “died on the spot” after the soldier opened fired, according to police spokesman Harald Moeser.

The country’s Ministry of Defence said the solider used pepper spray to try and stop the attack but was then forced to use his gun. Vienna police confirmed the shooting.

Serious injuries in Vienna knife attack

A family of three have been stabbed outside a restaurant in Vienna by an unknown assailant.

Half an hour later another person was stabbed in the same area.

The first stabbing took place near the Nestroyplatz metro station, in Vienna’s Second District, where authorities said an assailant attacked a family of three with a knife in front of a Japanese restaurant.

The mother, father and their 17-year-old daughter are reported to be seriously injured and “their lives are in danger”, a police spokesman said.

Thirty minutes later, the second stabbing took place in the same neighborhood, where a 20-year-old Chechen was stabbed by an unknown attacker.

Authorities say that the young man’s life is also in danger, as a result of his injuries.

1 killed, 22 injured as trains collide in Austria

Two passenger trains crashed in central Austria on Monday, killing one person and injuring 22 others, authorities said.

One train hit the side of the other near the station in Niklasdorf, a town 60 kilometers (40 miles) north of Graz, said Graz police spokesman Leo Josefus.

Photographs of the accident scene showed the side of a Germany-bound EuroCity train torn away and a regional Austrian train next to it.

Authorities said a woman on the EuroCity train was killed and the injured include three children. The victim’s nationality was not immediately released.

Austria: explosion at natural gas plant. Flow of gas from Russia to Italy interrupted

An explosion at a natural gas facility near Austria‘s border with Slovakia has left one person dead.

The Austria Press Agency reported that Red Cross official Sonja Keller said a further 18 people were injured.

The flow of gas from Russia to Italy has been interrupted after the explosion. Italy declares State of emergency due to the lack of supplies

Austria, android cyberattack combines phishing and data theft

Cybercriminals have combined three techniques into a single campaign, creating an attack that can steal credentials, phish credit cards and install bank Trojans. Based on an “increasingly sophisticated” form of malware, it targeted Austrian bank users