Belgian police shoot knife-wielding man at Ghent railway station

A prosecutor’s spokeswoman in Belgium says police in the city of Ghent shot a man armed with a knife in the main entrance hall of a train station.

Ghent prosecutor’s spokeswoman An Schoonjans said in a telephone interview that the man was seriously injured and fighting for his life in a hospital on Tuesday night.

She said additional details would have to await an investigation.

The busy Ghent St. Pieters train station had to be partially closed off after the incident. Belgium lowered its terrorism threat a notch on Monday, from the second-highest level to the second-lowest.

Teenager kidnapped in Bruxelles

A woman who was allegedly kidnapped in a nightclub was rescued after she used her phone to share her location with her brother.

The 19-year-old student said five men kidnapped her in front of a nightclub in Brussels on Friday.

She was then allegedly drugged, raped, and kept locked in a flat in the nearby city of Charleroi for three days.

Antwerp, building collaps after a blast

An explosion took place in the night in Antwerp.

A whole building collapsed, injuring more than 20 people.

On the street floor there was a pizzeria with people still inside.

The firemen have not issued any statement about the causes of the explosion.

Photo: Dirk Waem / AFP

Belgium: Anarchic terrorist attack

Anarchic terrorist attack to international arms industry contractors.

At about  2 AM on Monday 25th September the residents of  Malines were woken by a string of detonations.

Of the 5,000 square metres of the company Varec, nothing remained. Everything destroyed.

A hard blow for Varec, a company that produces tracks for tanks and tyres for military vehicles and is a well-known supplier of the Armed Forces in the United States.