Eastern Europe

January 2018: forecasting terrorist attack

The situation for terrorism in January:
Continental Europe (France, Holland, Germany, England, Belgium, the Baltic countries, Russia and the Nordic countries):
Again this mounth all the jihadist websites are projected to commit attacks. From the jihad point of view the major cities at risk remain Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Peterburg, Moscow, in particular the airports and the railway stations, shopping centers, major events and shows.
Attacks in minor cities are not excluded.
Mediterranean basin and West Europe:
Almost all the majors Spanish and France cities remain the main targets of Islamic jihad, as the cities of northern Morocco and Algeria for few months.
In Tunisia the tension remains high in the areas of the city of Tunisia and some areas of the city of Tunisia. (Ariana, Menza 7/8), the south west border also remain very dangerus.
In Libia, Bengasi city have been freedom.
Italy, France, Greece and Spain will be affected by the resurgence of the FAI insurrectionary anarchy. In particular, attacks in Greece and Italy are feared.
Pacific Area:
The Philippines Army, after cut down of ISIS Abu Sayaff in all south island they belive that militants get are proof re-organizing in Australia, Borneo, Philippines, Indonesia. Security Forces are involved in investigation to descovered this network of ISIS forces
The major countries with terrorism pression remain North India, Pakistan, Afganistan and west China.

Moroccan-Italian female foreign fighter arrested in Malpensa

A Moroccan-Italian woman who has been arrested by DIGOS anti-terrorism police.

The 35-year-old woman, named only by the initials R.M., reportedly went to Syria with her three small children for the love of an extremist from the so-called Islamic State (IS) group, whom she had met online.

She was arrested at Milan’s Malpensa airport on Dec. 23 on an international warrant from France, where the Italian father of her children lives and where he had reported her missing.

UK: 4 men arrested on suspicion of plotting terror attacks

Officers from the north-east counter-terrorism Unit (Nectu) detained the men, who are suspected of having Islamist links, at their homes in Sheffield and Chesterfield.

All the men were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Bangladesh: JMB member held in city

The Counter Terrorism and Transitional Crime (CTTC) unit detained a member of banned militant outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

The detainee was identified as Noor Azam Siddique alias Yasir, 38.

He was taking preparations to commit sabotage acts of great magnitude across Bangladesh.

Switzerland: new plan in anti-extremism prevention

Switzerland released a national plan to prevent violent extremism.

The plan includes training teachers and coaches to recognise warning signs and re-integrating people who have already been radicalised.

The plan includes 26 measures to better counter such threats.

A national referendum to ban burqas is also in the works.

China: troops in Syria to fight alongside Assad

China becomes increasingly concerned with the presence of Islamic militants in the East Turkestan region.

For this reason China is planning to send troops to Syria to aid President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces.

The Syrian regime has also claimed that thousands of  fighters of an ethnic Muslim minority, that Chinese authorities regularly accuse of terrorism, have arrived in Syria illegally.