Terrorist attack in progress, killing and hostage in France

Police in the southern French town of Trèbes are responding to an “ISIS-inspired” incident at a supermarket, according to CNN affiliate BFM TV, citing a local prosecutor.

The incident is unfolding at Super Market , Both BFMTV and the AFP news agency are referring to the incident as a “hostage-taking,” although the regional government in the Aude prefecture was not able to confirm reports that hostages had been taken.

Shortly before, still in the same area, about ten miles away, an armed man had opened fire on agents and had wounded one behind him.

Thieves swipe $5M in jewelry from boutique at Paris’ famed Ritz Hotel

Armed thieves entered the luxury Ritz Hotel and stole jewels and other valuables from a hotel boutique, carrying out an unusually brazen heist in one of the world’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

French media estimated the stolen merchandise as worth at least $5.4 million (4.5 million euros).

Gang of youth attacks cops near Paris

A female police officer and her boss were attacked in a suburb of Paris by a group of young people who then posted videos of the attack online, reports said.

Investigators said the officers suffered concussions and other injuries, but their condition was not life-threatening.

In the videos posted online, the youths also jumped on top of a car that had been flipped on to its roof.

Corsican nationalists surge in first round of French election

Corsican nationalists won almost half of the vote in the first round of the French Mediterranean island’s territorial election.

The vote showed Corsicans’ loss of confidence in the central government callling for greater autonomy from Paris.



Photo: Olivier Sanchez

Man rams car into students in Toulouse

A man has deliberately driven his car into a group of people outside a school near Toulouse in southern France, injuring three Chinese students, police sources say. The driver of the vehicle, a 28-year-old man, was known to police for committing minor offences but was not on a terrorism watchlist, the sources said. He was arrested at the scene on Friday.

Meylan, France: Arson Attack Against the Gendarmerie Barracks

The series of incendiary attacks against the gendarmerie continues. This time it was the barracks in Meylan, near Grenoble that was targeted.