Terrorist killed himself after knocking Several pedestrians in Münster, Germany

Several people were killed and many others injured in Münster, in western Germany, after a van crashed into a group of people in the heart of the old city, according to the police and news media reports.

A spokeswoman for the Münster police told Die Welt newspaper, that the driver of the van killed himself after the crash.

The police said that they had closed the area and had urged people to leave in order to allow access for emergency services.

The crash occurred outside the Kiepenkerl, a restaurant on a cobble-stoned street in the center of the city that is popular with locals and tourists. It is not in a pedestrian zone, but has wide sidewalks where people had been sitting outside on a sunny, spring afternoon.


Police arrest 160 mobsters in Italy and Germany, seize $60 million in mafia assets

Police in Italy and Germany seized 50 million euros, or about $60 million, in mafia assets Tuesday and arrested more than 160 people, accusing them of running a huge mob-controlled commercial and political empire involving everything from bread and wine sales to funeral services, migrant housing and garbage recycling.

Frankfurt Christmas market evacuated due to suspicious package

German police have evacuated part of Frankfurt’s Christmas market due to a suspicious package located on the Roemer square, the heart of the city’s Christmas market.

German churches protest: halt all the arms exports to Saudi Arabia

During the Joint Conference for Church and Development, which was attended by Germany’s Protestant and Catholic churches, the religious community demanded a halt to arms exports citing Saudi Arabia’s military involvement in the Yemeni crisis.

Germany: Explosives found near Christmas market

German police evacuated a Christmas market to investigate a suspicious object in the city of Potsdam.

The package had been delivered to a pharmacy near the market.

According to police, the explosive was successfully defused.


Photo: NBC news

Germany: Hannover Airport temporarily closed

Hannover Airport was temporarily closed following the discovery of explosives at a cargo centre, according to reports.

Employees at the UPS depot alerted authorities after finding the item.

Passengers on flights to Hannover’s Langenhagen Airport were diverted.


Photo: REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer