IS linked group claim attacks on French, US troops in Africa

A jihadist group linked to Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attacks on US and French troops in west Africa.

The group, led by Adnan Abu Walid Sahraoui, said it was behind “an attack against an American commando unit in Niger in October”.

On October 4, four US and four Niger troops were killed in an ambush at Tongo Tongo, a village close to the Mali border.

That attack had been blamed on the jihadists but it is only now that the group claimed responsibility.

The Islamists also claimed responsibility for an attack in Mali’s restive northeast on Thursday in which three French troops were injured, one seriously, in a suicide bomb attack, said the ANI news agency, which tracks jihadist groups operating in the Sahel region south of the Sahara.

Moroccan-Italian female foreign fighter arrested in Malpensa

A Moroccan-Italian woman who has been arrested by DIGOS anti-terrorism police.

The 35-year-old woman, named only by the initials R.M., reportedly went to Syria with her three small children for the love of an extremist from the so-called Islamic State (IS) group, whom she had met online.

She was arrested at Milan’s Malpensa airport on Dec. 23 on an international warrant from France, where the Italian father of her children lives and where he had reported her missing.

Yemen: Car bomb kills 5. IS claims responsibility

Attack claimed by Islamic State group’s affiliate in Yemen, who claimed responsibility in an online statement.

A powerful car bomb has struck a government building in the port city of Aden, south Yemen, killing 5 people and wounding 12.

Vatican City, Jihadi attack in december

The pro-Islamic State (IS) Wafa’ Media Foundation published a poster depicting a vehicular attack on the Vatican on Christmas.

Libya: IS sets up checkpoint near Libya’s Sirte

A Libyan official on Monday said that IS has set up a checkpoint near its former stronghold in the Libyan city of Sirte.

Chairman of the Security Committee of Sirte, Zarroug Sweti, said that IS members set up a checkpoint on Monday, just 20 kilometers south Bohadi area in the city of Sirte.

The terrorists are stationed in rugged valley areas, some 80 kilometers south of Bohadi.