Specific Analysis

Mysterious death of Saudi officer at Ritz-Carlton Hotel

It is believed the officer, a Saudi royal brigadier, Ali bin Abdullah al-Jarash al-Qahtani, died as a result of torture at the hands of interrogators at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

He was been arrested on charges of corruption linked to the sons of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

German churches protest: halt all the arms exports to Saudi Arabia

During the Joint Conference for Church and Development, which was attended by Germany’s Protestant and Catholic churches, the religious community demanded a halt to arms exports citing Saudi Arabia’s military involvement in the Yemeni crisis.

Lebanon: Fears to ‘see war coming’

People in Lebanon have begun stockpiling food and supplies, fearing that regional giant Saudi Arabia will push the country into civil war.

It’s part of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s campaign against Hizbollah’s backer Iran, who denounced Hizbollah as a “terrorist organisation used by Iran to destabilise Lebanon and the region”.