Terrorist attach in Texas, killing two people, four wounded

The attacks that hit Austin, the capital of Texas in a few days, have risen to four, killing two people and causing four wounded in a series of bomb attacks.

Two other men ended up in hospital, hospitalized with serious injuries, but not in danger of life, after the fourth attack occurred last night and that the police found a backpack in the area of the explosion.

The Austin police chief, Brian Manley, has urged the inhabitants of the area to stay home until the investigations have been completed in the area and “not to touch any parcel or even approach”.

Meanwhile, there are $ 115,000 worth of reward for those who will give useful information to the police about who is sending the bombs.

Photo: © Olycom Fresno Police USA

Two students killed, 19 injured in high school shooting.

A 15 year-old girl and 15 year-old boy have been identified as victims of Tuesday morning’s school shooting.

The teenagers, who have not been named, were fatally shot by a 15 year-old boy at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, on Tuesday morning.

The boy, who is now in custody, went on a rampage also left 19 people injured, including 14 students who suffered gun shot wounds.

Updates on the shooting came from local cops who held a press conference with State Governor Matt Bevin Tuesday afternoon.

Turkish citizens travelling to United States face risk of arbitrary arrest

Turkey’s foreign ministry said Turkish citizens travelling to the United States face the risk of arbitrary arrest, saying they should revise travel plans and take precautions if they do decide to travel.

In a travel warning statement on its website dated Jan. 11, the ministry also said there had been an increase in terror attacks and violent incidents in the United States recently.

Pro-Hezbollah newspaper declares ‘Death to America’

Lebanon’s pro-Hezbollah al-Akhbar newspaper declared “Death to America” on its front page.

The strongest reaction among universally critical Lebanese press coverage of U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision on the status of disputed Jerusalem.

Texas, shooting at church

26 dead and 24 wounded. Killed the man who opened the fire

Shoot in a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A man opened fire on the faithful who attended Mass. The budget has the tragic dimensions of a massacre: the dead are 26 and 24 injured.


Photo: KSAT via AP

Colorado, gunman kills three people

Scared shoppers run away as a gunman kills three people in Walmart before escaping police.