Terms and Conditions

These terms govern the use of the website and the Alert Risk Zone services of M.G.Security SRL (collectively, “Services”), including content files. By using the Services, you agree to these terms. As explained in detail in the following Article 2, the user retains all rights to the content made available to him through the Services and retains ownership.
1. Use of the Service.

1.1 Services. The user can access the Services and use them in accordance with these conditions and applicable laws.

1.2 Intellectual property of M.G.Security SRL.  – M.G.Security SRL and its licensees remain the exclusive owners of any rights, title and interest related to the services. M.G.Security SRL reserves all rights not granted as a result of these conditions.

1.3 Archiving. – When the Services include archiving, we recommend that you continue to back up your content regularly. M.G.Security SRL may impose reasonable technical limits on user content. M.G.Security SRL may suspend the Services until the user is within the storage limit associated with his account.

1.4 Content files. – “Content files” are files provided by M.G.Security SRL, such as images, videos or PDFs. Unless the documentation related to the Content Files indicates otherwise, the user can only use and view all content files. Under no circumstances can the user modify, reproduce or distribute, even separately, the Content Files (that is, in circumstances where the Content Files themselves constitute the main value of the product being distributed) or claim rights on the Content Files or of the works derived from them.

2. Sharing the Contents of the Service.

2.1 Level of access.  – M.G.Security SRL does not monitor or control the use of the service’s content. It is up to the user to set limits on their contents and to apply the appropriate access restrictions. If the user does not choose a level of access to be applied to the service, the system can set the most permissive level as the default.

3. Account information.

The user is responsible for all activities that take place through his account. The user should immediately inform customer support if they become aware of an unauthorized use of their account. The user can not (a) accept the account information and can not (b) use another person’s account. The administrator account can use the account information to manage the activities and their access to the Services.

4. User behavior.

4.1 Responsible use. The user must use the Services responsibly.
4.2 Improper use. The user must not use the Services inappropriately, for example, it is strictly prohibited:
(a) copy, modify, host, transmit, or resell the Services, or the content;
(b) allow others to use the Services, or the content using your account information;
(c) use the content included in the services to create any type of database;
(d) access or attempt to access the Services using means other than the provided or authorized interface;
(e) circumvent the access or use limits established to prevent certain uses of the Services;
(f) to share content or behave in violation of intellectual property rights (“Intellectual Property Rights” means copyright, moral rights, trademarks, trade dress, patents, trade secrets, unfair competition, the right to privacy, right advertising and any other property rights);

(g) upload or share any content that is illegal, dangerous, threatening, offensive, illegal, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous, detrimental to the privacy of others or instigating hatred;
(h) pretend to be a natural or legal person, make false statements about their relationship with a natural or legal person or otherwise give a misleading impression;
(i) attempt to disable, alter or destroy Services, Software or hardware (where applicable);
(j) stop or prevent the use of the Services by other users, or interfere with it (for example, by stalking, intimidation and harassment, or by inciting others to commit acts of violence or harming minors);
(k) send chain letters, junk mail, pyramid schemes, spam or other unsolicited messages;
(l) advertise products or services except with the previous written consent of M.G.Security SRL;
(m) use data mining tools or other similar methods of collecting and extracting data in connection with the Services;
(n) violate applicable laws.

5. Investigations.
5.1 Disclosure. M.G.Security SRL can access information about the user or its use of the Services and disclose them (a) when required by law (for example in the presence of a valid citation or search warrant); (b) to respond to customer service requests; or (c) if it deems, at its discretion, that this is necessary to protect the rights, property or personal safety of the company, users or the public.

6. Compliance with user licenses.

If the user represents a company, or an organization, M.G. Security SRL has the right, not more than once every 12 months and with 7 days notice, to instruct its own personnel or an independent external inspector, subject to the obligation of confidentiality, to check (with manual, electronic or both methods) the registers, systems and facilities of the user to verify that the use of the Service complies with the valid use contract issued. Furthermore, within thirty (30) days from the request by M.G. Security SRL, the user will provide the latter with all the records and information necessary to verify that the use of any Service complies with the contract stipulated with the user. If the verification reveals the lack of contract for Services, the user must immediately purchase the necessary subscription. If the unpaid competencies exceed 5% of the amount due, the user must also bear the reasonable costs of the inspection conducted by M.G.Security SRL.

7. Change.

M.G. Security SRL may change these terms or any additional conditions applicable to a Service, for example to respond to changes to laws or the Services. The user must regularly consult the conditions. Any changes to these conditions will be reported on this page. Any changes to the additional conditions will be reported in the relevant Service. By continuing to use the Services or accessing it after the changes come into force, you agree to be bound by the updated conditions.

8. Miscellaneous.

8.1 English version. The English version of these terms of use will be the one used for the interpretation.

9. DMCA.

M.G.Security SRL respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users to do the same. M.G. Security s.r.l. will respond to notifications of clear copyright infringement in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

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